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Welcome to Monterey Vista's Library! 
Our school library serves a vital purpose here on campus. In addition to hosting Woodcraft Rangers in the afternoons, the library and all the books contained within these walls serve the purpose of further educating, entertaining, and assisting students. Our library is organized unlike any other school library. Our books are categorized by Lexile Level to make it easier for students to choose age/grade appropriate books. Starting from BR (beginning readers) to 1000+, every lexile level is represented so the students should have no trouble at all when they come to find books to read. Our library also boasts a huge selection of fiction and non fiction titles that are all a part of Reading Counts!, a literacy program that all grades participate in. By offering students a wide range of books that are organized by lexile level, so long as the students choose books at or above their level, they are guaranteed to grow in their reading skills and abilities. 
Every week each of our 19 homerooms make their way to the library for 30 minutes a session. During each class' library time students are encouraged to choose two books that they may check-out and read. There is not set time for how many days a student may have a particular book checked out so there is no need to worry about late fees. However, there is a penalty for lost books. If a book is determined to be lost, the student will be financially responsible for paying for the book. (example: Jack loses a book that cost $10, therefore Jack will be responsible for paying the school $10 to replace the book). As always, I am in the library all school day long so if there are any questions regarding the library, feel free to stop by.
Ms. Marishka Dialani
Monterey Vista Librarian / Media Technician